Brandon Leudke

Herons Landing - Sculpture by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2014Photo: Leudke, 140303

Herons Landing - Sculpture by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2014

8' tall steel heron, steel reeds, "3185" steel address numbers, glass tile mosaic, stone, architectural lighting
Brandon Leudke
Private Commission


Sequel Naturals - Paintings by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2009Photo: Leudke

Sequel Naturals - Paintings by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2009

6'x9' (shown here), 4'x7.5', nine 4'x4' paintings
Acrylic on canvas
Brandon Leudke
Private Commission: Sequel Naturals, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Blog: Sequel Naturals: Paintings - Art Tour 2009

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